Mary from Colorado Springs: I suffered from frozen shoulder for over 2 years. Did cortisone shots, physical therapy, massage, etc. Within one visit I restored full range of motion in my shoulder. My doctor, physical therapist, and family said there was no way this could work. I am  amazed and blessed that I found this treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Kennedy you have changed my life.  

Laura from Lafayette: I was told there was nothing I could do for my shoulder. Within one visit I restored full range of motion. I am so thankful for this treatment. Thank you Dr. Kennedy

James from Denver: I had knee pain for over 3 years diagnosed as popliteal syndrome. By the end of the treatment all the pain was gone. I wish more people knew about this. 

Tim from Los Angeles: Chronic knee pain for over 7 years. Pain is totally gone and now doing running again.  Thank you so much

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