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Musculoskeletal & Nutrition Clinic​.

All New Patients Must go through a New Patient Exam before Getting Treatments by Dr. Kennedy D.C.

This is a Colorado Medical Law to do an exam before treatment.

Cost for New Patient Exam Visits $87.00 Duration about 1 hour includes a treatment

Nutrition Consultation $60 Duration about 30 minutes

Chiropractic Adjustment $33 Duration 10 minutes

1 Hour Comprehensive Integrative Treatments $142 Duration about 1 hour

30 minute holistic integrative treatments $80 Duration about 30 minutes

​Trigenics Forzen Shoulder Treatments $295 Duration 2 hours

Call our office at 303-322-5015 

or click the link below to book appointments

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We Utilize Trigenics Myoneural Medicine in our clinic. 

Used by Olympic athletes and Hollywood stars as one of the fastest treatments for restoring normal function and range of motion.

For videos showing the amazing fast results of Trigenics click the links below:

Our Lakewood Clinic offers treatments for many musculoskeletal disorders. Some of the conditions we address can be found below. Most of our patients are able to see results on the first visit. To make an appointment with Dr. Kennedy, D.C. please click the link below or call 303-322-5015.  

Some of the conditions treated in our clinic.

-Golf performance and increasing drive

-Increasing reach in boxers

-Baseball pitching speed

-Sports Performance modification

-Sprinting speed myoneural medicine

-Distance running performance myoneural medicine

-Decreasing injury probability

-Increasing athletic performance quickly

-Weight lifting performance myoneural medicine

-Hockey performance modifications

-Back Pain

-Neck Pain

-Knee Pain

-Frozen Shoulder Treatments


-Golfers and Tennis Elbow

-Carpel Tunnel


-Disc Disorders

-Numbness in hands and feet

-Thoracic outlet syndrome

-and more

Please make an appointment to go over what our clinic may be able to do for you. Visits require a 1 hour appointment for all new patients.