What is the best way to process supplements?

In our opinion the best way to process a supplement is in a capsule form. Powders oxidize quickly and can lose their potency when exposed to air. Capsules help preserve the nutrients and help ensure you get a more potent product at ingestion. Tablets can use a high amount of pressure and utilize tablet agents that can effect their digestion. Tablet agents many times can be glue, or chemicals to hold the nutrients together.  These can effect your digestion or cause loose stools. Capsules can also contain solvents or chemicals that are hard on the human body. Most capsule products produce toxic waste that is hard on the environment. Organic pullulan capsules are the only capsule we know of that does not produce toxic waste when produced. Click this link below to learn about some of the ways capsules are produced.  http://offbeatchina.com/from-waste-leather-to-drug-capsules-toxic-gelatin-factory-exposed-in-hebei

As a result of months of study we have concluded that organic pullulan capsules are the best choice for our supplements. Pullulan capsules are made out of tapioca and mushrooms. These capsules help farmer's income and are nutritious to the body. We do not use any flow agents, glues or binders in our production. This increases our cost of production by 30%. Most companies will use flow agents to move powders through machines faster. These flow agents may cause digestive problems in certain people. We will continue to update this page and provide you as much detail as we can about this. 

Are your supplements using heated herbs?

Most People are unaware that many supplements may contain heated herbs. The herbs are heated to make them dry faster so they can decrease the time it takes to get an herb into a powder and into a capsule.  When an herb is heated it can drastically change its chemical and medicinal qualities. The best example most people know is an onion. When you eat a raw onion it is very different than a cooked onion. Most people are quite aware of this and can understand the onion has different qualities based on how it is processed.

The best way to tell if supplements contain heated herbs is they tend to not have a very strong smell. Many unheated herbs have strong odors and can be smelled when the bottle is opened.   We encourage people to smell or supplements to demonstrate their strength and compare it to other supplements they may have. We strive to have the freshest and most powerful herbs we can find. You can tell the strength by the smell of our supplements!

Is Magnesium Sterate, Calcium Sterate, Steric Acid and Vegetable Based Lubricants Safe?

This is one of the biggest topics in the supplement industry right now. Steric acid is estimated to be used in over 80% of supplements. Many supporters of steric acid lubricants say that it is safe because it comes from food and steric acid is found in food. While it is true that steric acid is found in food  the commercial product is much different many times. We investigated the chemical process that occurs for the supplement industry with large scale steric acid production and found that steric acid derivatives go through a process of soponification at 400 degrees.  Even though it is found in food heating it to 400 degrees is likely to change the fat composition. If you wonder if steric acid is safe you should be asking yourself this question. Would you like to eat fat that has been heated to 400 degrees Celsius everyday? It is amazing that we speak about a fat heated to 400 degrees as if it is the same as fats found in raw flax seeds or other foods.  The chemistry sheet for magnesium sterate can be found by clicking the link below.


Who is Dr. Kennedy, D.C.

​Dr. Kennedy, D.C.  is the owner of Kennedy Wellness Labs. Dr. Kennedy has traveled the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Canada to meet healers that are effective at getting people better. He always wanted to learn from people who could show me they are effective. He went to many schools and studied many fields of thought. It is so interesting to see how many people believe that healing must take a long time or the their condition cannot be healed. It is a thrill to see someones face when they heal within a visit from a condition they have had for years. I love the shock that people tell me when they say "how can this be healed so fast". We have built a reputation of quick and effective treatments around the world. We have patients fly into our clinic from all over the country. We hope that we can strive to meet your goals as well. Our treatments are specific to the person and are almost always different for every patients. Having an exam is the best way to determine what our ability to help you may be.

Our organic capsules were shown to help protect nutrients far better than the leading capsule


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We began processing our own supplements after a major supplement company started using possible carcinogens in their supplements. We were using this company's products and could not continue working with them after this. 

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